Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Little Snail

Emma will be in her first end-of-year school play as a snail. I have to admit I panicked at first when I heard that I had to make her costume. Oh, and I was instructed to make the costume on earth can I make a snail costume simple?!!? I googled "snail costume" and found a whole lot of nothing.

Grammy came up with a great idea of getting a Boppy pillow and coiling it up to make a shell. Fantastic! I sewed the "shell" to straps so Emma can wear it like a backpack. The rest of the costume was easy - headband, pipe cleaner and Styrofoam balls for the antennae and grey shirt and shorts for the body. I now have the cutest snail in the world!


Marie said...

I love that snail. What a great idea with the Boppy! I bet she will be darling.

mab said...

Adorable snail! You did a great job on the costume!

I really enjoyed catching up with you via phone today. And I'm so proud of myself that I remembered your blog address long enough to get to a computer. :)

I'll definitely give you a holler when we get back to Waco. Until then, there are cell phones and blogs, right?