Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Little Reminders

I love all the girly things throughout our house that are reminders of our two sweet, darling daughters.

Ladybug hooks with personalized backpacks

Emma and Lilly's favorite table

Basket of books nestled between two rocking chairs made by Grammy


Jons Mom said...

You know - I totally wish you would write a children's book! I just realized that one of the things that makes your blog so awesome is the way you write! You are a true master of the English language! Thinkgs like "basket of books nestled between two rocking chairs." The sentence is just beautiful! - Okay it's official, I am probably becoming a weirdo - but my opinion still counts b/c I'm your BFF! ;)

Anonymous said...

Another "john's mom" agrees about your writing. Your warmth and love shine through your writing. You could easily write for parents magazines if you wanted to.