Monday, May 26, 2008

Brand New Room

Emma is enjoying her new birthday bedding set from Target. She chose it herself and I am absolutely ecstatic with her decision. Isn't everything adorable?

We have had these precious wall decorations for a while and I love how well they match her bed.

We've had this flower frame for a year, but never really knew where to put it. John placed a picture of Pickles in it and set it next to her bed. She loves it!

Now that she is five years old, we are having her make her bed every far so good. She does it surprisingly well and seems to take more pride in her new room...maybe too much pride because she flipped out yesterday when she noticed I was sitting on one of those little pom-poms on her bedspread. Apparently, I was "smashing" it.*sigh*


Amy M. said...

Her room is ADORABLE!! She did a great job.

Patricia said...

Love the colors, so restful. Your little one has good taste. I hope she keeps on wanting to make her bed. LOL Been down that road!! : )