Friday, April 18, 2008

The Notebook Has a Purpose

Remember this Anna Griffin notebook?

Well, I have now put it to good use. I printed out all my blog entries on ivory parchment paper and put them into this gorgeous binder. Hopefully, when my girls are all grown up, they will read through it and get a clear idea of their mommy's personality during their toddler/preschool years. Maybe, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will someday read it - wow, what a surreal feeling!


Patricia said...

That is so neat - what a wonderful idea! They will really appreciate this when the are grown. You are going to have many, many notebooks *big smile.*

Anonymous said...

A great idea and it is so pretty. I wish I had done sone something like that many years ago. I know your girls, grand and great grands will appreciate your journal. It is a priceless gift to them.

Tip Junkie said...

What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

Sarah C. said...

Wonderful idea! :)