Tuesday, April 01, 2008

An Excited 4 Year Old

Well, Emma starts swim lessons today and she is VERY excited. I bought her a new swimsuit a few weeks ago and she obviously loves it. Here she is getting ready to go for her first lesson.

Did I mention that this picture was taken at 10:00am and her lesson isn't until 6:00pm? She is currently napping in the swimsuit right now as I write this.

I'm laughing at her pose in this picture. Emma feels the need to make a very dramatic pose every time I pull out the camera. John and I find ourselves snickering at her during her soccer games because she is very focused on perfecting her "getting down to business" pose while the ball sails right by her. The pose I'm referring to consists of her bending over and putting her hands on her knees like she is really concentrating on the game.

Happy Tuesday!

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