Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Head is Spinning

Egg Decorating

Special Snack for Emma's Class

Preparations for Sunday

These are among the many things I have on my plate for this week. We are having both sides of our family over for lunch this Sunday. Yes, it is a bit overwhelming, but important to have everyone together whenever I can manage it. I do it mainly for our girls. They LOVE having both sides of the family together and I can see it is very special to them.
We will also be giving Emma and Lilly each a brand new Bible before we head off to church. They have outgrown their current Bibles and I think they will be very excited to receive their new gifts.
Have a WONDERFUL Easter!
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Patricia said...

Hi, have a blessed Easter. I know your two little bunnies will have fun looking for eggs :)

Take care,