Thursday, January 28, 2010

Around our Home

It's January and it's cold...but, I don't mind one bit. Winter is actually my favorite season - it's so cozy and romantic and it reminds me of our wedding day. Our wedding was held on a cold, December evening with the glow of candles surrounding us - I'll never forget it. Now that the holidays are behind us, it can be difficult to keep that warm, fuzzy feeling for the remainder of the season. Here are some things around our home that keeps us cozy and cheery.

Hot Chocolate with Heart-Shaped Marshmallows
When I first saw these marshmallows in the seasonal aisle of Wal-Mart, I literally squealed out loud. Ask John...he was there...and I'm sure he was a bit embarrassed by all my commotion.

Board Games
Sometimes, we play as a family. Sometimes, just the girls play. And sometimes, just the stuffed animals play. ;)

To me, the soft glow of a lamp gives such a "homey" feel. I love, love, LOVE lamps.

Both girls are taking dance lessons and they frequently "practice" around the house. It really is a joy to watch them. Now, having to pick up dance shoes everywhere, all the time does NOT give me as much joy.

So good to be back. Lots of love to all my blogging buddies!


John said...

It is true. She literally squealed out loud!

Huffine Family said...

well it is ABOUT TIME my friend. i think i would have squealed too if i saw those adorable heart shaped marshmallows. how cute of a picture too....i miss reading your blog and i miss you too! we should get together for our usual breakfast :) i work tues,wed,thur next maybe friday?!? let me know what is best for you

Patricia said...

Hi Angie,

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Love your heart marshmallows. I didn't know they came like that.

You will like the tools if you get some.