Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She's Ready!

First grade begins tomorrow morning for Emma and she is ready! After she was fed, bathed and tucked into bed with clean pajamas, I read "The Kissing Hand" to her. It's our tradition. I read this book the night before her first day of junior kindergarten and the night before her first day of kindergarten. It is such a sweet and beautiful story and I hope she lets me read this to her every year, up until the night before she leaves for college.
As soon as she drifted off to sleep, I got everything set up for tomorrow morning.
Her new outfit is now laid out. Her backpack contains her folder that holds thousands of completed forms and other paperwork we received from "Meet the Teacher" night.

Her lunch is made and put away in her lunchbox along with a special note written on a napkin.

Like I said, this girl is ready to go and is very excited.

Am I ready? Hmmm, I'll get back to you on that one.

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Anonymous said...

My prayers are with her--and with Mom.

Controlling My Chaos said...

So sweet. I like that you took pictures of everything laid out and ready to go. It's so sneaky. :)