Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Color Book

Back in early fall, I helped Lilly create her very own color book. We went around the house taking pictures of items that matched certain color words. Then, we place the photos in a small photo album and matched them with the color words. Lilly loves looking at her very own book and is always so proud that she can "read" every page. I wish I can say that this idea came from my brilliant mind, but I got the concept from Make and Takes.

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It was such a successful activity, I decided to create a book with Emma. It was the same as Lilly's except I had Emma write the words herself since she was learning how to spell all the color words in her kindergarten class. It was good practice and she did a great job!


Jill Scott said...

I did something similiar with my kids, but we added the alphabet as well. My favorite was P is for Princess with each of them dressed up as princesses. They are a lot fun and I'm sure your kids really enjoy looking at them.

lindsay said...

how fun! i have been wanting to do this for awhile. you can take this concept and run with it, really. great for abc's, shapes, numbers, anything! we've started a body book before too (with homeschooling). i've decided to just do everything i see on your blog, k?